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COBOL, why not? 

Much more than learning a business-oriented programming language, you will expand your differentials in a market that has high demand for new talent. 

The INTERON COBOL Academic Program's mission is to help new talent learn the full potential and new technologies of the language that supports both global business transactions from most Fortune 500 companies, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, including ISVs that may be in their region and who are looking for new talent to continue evolving their COBOL applications. 

Experiment, test, be surprised, learn about the evolution of more than 60 years of COBOL in conjunction with the flexibility of Java. So if you're looking for a new learning, let's leave the question: COBOL, why not?
Talk to your University about implementing or updating the COBOL course in your grid.




COBOL ( COmmon Business Oriented Language )

Considered one of the most widely used languages today, COBOL was created by a committee of researchers from various civil and governmental institutions in 1959. The specifications were largely inspired by the FLOW-MATIC programming language, invented by Grace Hopper, referred to as "the mother of the COBOL language."

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  • Fatec – Santos

  • Fatec – Praia Grande

  • Fatec – Americana

  • Fatec – Botucatu

  • UFSCAR – São Carlos

  • Universidade São Judas Tadeu – São Paulo

  • Unimep - Piracicaba

  • Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie - São Paulo

  • Instituto Federal Farroupilha - Panambi (RS)

  • Universidade Feevale




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