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Application Modernization

Discover and maximize the value of your COBOL applications

APPLICATION Modernization

INTERON Application Modernization is a range of solutions that provide a secure and innovative environment for the transformation and modernization of COBOL applications inside or outside the mainframe environment.


Our solutions offer the transformative ability to bring business-critical applications to the state of the art, ensure technology continuity and preserve investments.


Obsolete or abandoned platforms can trap critical business applications, limit their development, and jeopardize business operations.


In a competitive marketplace that requires extreme speed and interoperability, evolution is a key word for success.

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App Evolve

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Our team of COBOL experts will help you prepare the best

strategy for modernization and transformation of your COBOL applications:

Modernize and transform your business applications

Transform and Evolve your COBOL business applications by adding new and powerful features to meet the growing demands of an increasingly competitive and agile business environment.


Transform your COBOL applications into competitive advantages



• New Interface

Database Modernization

Agilidade e Produtividade no Desenvolvimento

• COBOL Oriented Object

Java Integration

Web Services

• Interoperability with tools like WhatsApp, Telegram and Messenger

• Others

Mainframe World

Mainframe +
Maximize your investments

Mainframe systems support the core business of large companies and fulfill their mission every day.


​Maximize your mainframe assets by optimizing the use of resources through our isCOBOL platform for zOS on zIIP processors.

In some scenarios, given today's rapid growth and change, some mainframe systems may simply not be able to cope with the new competitive pressures.


In this scenario, options like rehosting or a migration and modernization strategy are among the options to be analyzed.


INTERON believes that protecting their investments in the existing COBOL code is fundamental and offers customers, who decide to make the decision to move to a new platform, solutions in Re-Hosting and Migration (Total or partial) of their Mainframe applications.

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